Take your practice into the field with ezyVet Go.

Visit clients and treat patients, all offline.
Jul 06, 2018 | News, Veterinary Practice Management, ezyVet Features | 0 Comments

You're off the beaten track. No desktop, no internet coverage, too windy for pen and paper. You have clients to visit and consults to complete. Sound familiar?


Being able to operate your practice out in the field can be a big bug bear for many Large Animal, Equine, and even Mixed Veterinary Practices.


ezyVet Go is an app that works alongside ezyVet to simplify and automate the consult workflow for large animal and equine vets using ezyVet, ensuring your notes and charges don’t get missed.


Why you’ll love ezyVet Go



You’ll have offline access to your current appointments, as well as patient clinical and financial history, allowing you to make better informed decisions while you’re on the go.



Type or dictate exam notes, and capture images, medications, vaccinations, procedures, and other misc. products, while you’re on the go.


With multiple patient control, you can add notes and charges to more than one patient at a time.



Automated billing capture technology in ezyVet and ezyVet Go means your charges are automatically added to a draft invoice which can be viewed in ezyVet Go, ready to sync back to ezyVet as an invoice when you come back online.


You can add or edit appointments, contacts, and patients, that also sync back to ezyVet.


How do I get ezyVet Go?


ezyVet Go is a paid add-on only available for current ezyVet customers. View our pricing page here for additional charges.


To add ezyVet Go to your account, simply call or email ezyVet support with the number of user licenses you would like to purchase.


If you’re not using ezyVet, book a demo with our team to learn more about what ezyVet can do for your practice.