Announcing Integrated Payments Solution with PayJunction

ezyVet Veterinary Software Integrates with PayJunction
Nov 28, 2017 | News, Integrations, ezyVet Features | 0 Comments

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Running the financials in a veterinary practice isn't as straight forward as you might have hoped. Balancing estimates, deposits, discounts and charge-backs is hard enough, let alone accommodating all of your customers by accepting a vast array of payment methods. We understand that administration is unavoidable, but why not save time and reduce human error with automated payments processing?


We have big news for customers looking for an integrated payment solution. PayJunction is a cutting-edge effortless merchant account provider and payment gateway that promotes a paperless environment, just like us! 


ezyVet's seamless integration with PayJunction allows users to process payments directly through ezyVet. With a Smart Terminal that processes EMV chip cards in under 3.61 seconds, using PayJunction will save time and effort for your front of house team and customers alike.


Some cool features of the integration include:

  • Recurring Billing
  • Electronic Signature Capture
  • Digital Receipts
  • Comprehensive Multi-user, Multi-location Reporting
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Bulk Charging for Animal Wellness Plans
  • ezyVet User Preferential Rates
  • Swipe, Chip, Apple Pay


More than just processing payments


Store cards on file

You can't deny the importance of ensuring that payments are made seamlessly, on time, and to the least trouble for your customers as possible. With the 'Store Cards on File' feature, PayJunction enables the safe and completely tokenized storage of payment information. Wouldn't it be great to take a deposit in person and charge the remaining balance without having to hold up the customer or reception desk? Simply make those payments in ezyVet using the card information that is  securely stored on PayJunction's Virtual Terminal.  


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Paperless environment

We are bound to paper in all aspects of daily life. Paper is painful to organize and storage comes at a cost, let alone the cost to your bank and the environment. Using electronic signature capture, templates, and reminders via SMS, E-fax and email, ezyVet users benefit from a platform that allows their practice to function in a completely paperless environment. With the use of a paperless payment provider, extending the relief of clutter to your customers will allow them to reap the benefits of a paperless experience too.


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PayJunction's electronic signature capture relieves the need to print receipts, the customer simply signs the Smart Terminal screen. Need to authorize payment remotely? Signatures can even be made via email or smartphone. Receipts can be emailed directly to the customer at the time of purchase or easily view, print and email previous receipts on the financial record in ezyVet.

Learn more about going Paperless with ezyVet here.


Latest technology

ezyVet is forever growing and improving it's feature portfolio with different veterinary technologies and integrations. Access to the latest technologies improves practice workflow and the over all veterinary experience. Prove to your customers that you care about them as much as their furry friends by saying yes to all types of payment methods, old and new. Cash and checks are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. In a world where automation is the future, it's only natural that the newest technologies in payment processing are hitting the streets. Contactless methods such as Apple Pay may seem scary to some, but these are becoming some of the safest payment methods available; it is time to embrace change. The PayJunction Smart Terminal provides your business with many options for accepting payments, including all major credit cards, checks, NFC-ready phones, and even wearable technology such as the Apple Watch and Fitbit Pay.


ezyVet users benefit from access anywhere, at any time. Apply the same ease of access to your payment information with PayJunction's Virtual Terminal. The secure Virtual Terminal can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection and acts as a digital one-stop-shop providing all the functionality of a traditional processing terminal and more. 


If you would like a demo of ezyVet veterinary software, click here to get in touch with our team.


The greatest part of a payment solution such as PayJunction is that big or small, all clinics can explore this as an option. If you are an ezyVet user and want to learn more about how PayJunction can benefit your practice, just follow the button below to get in touch with a PayJunction representative. 


Accept Payments with PayJunction


About PayJunction 

PayJunction was founded in 2000 with a vision of making payment processing easier, more secure, and more effective. Since then, PayJunction has focused on finding new ways to make this a reality for their clients. 


*Please Note: PayJunction is only available to customers in the United States.