Product Release Update [Version 22.5 & 22.6]

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Product Release (2)


Grab yourself a tea or coffee, get comfy, and check out the latest ezyVet updates from version 22.5 and 22.6. 


Check your current version by clicking the blue 'Support' button at the top right-hand side of your ezyVet screen. The 'Release Type' on the pop-up will tell you what version you are currently on. You can also click the 'What's New', next to the blue 'Support' button to see your current release notes.



Notable features from version 22.5


Notable features from version 22.6


Version 22.5 

Wellness Module 

If you haven't heard yet, ezyVet now offers a module for managing your wellness plans, built in collaboration with Practice Managers to ensure you have what you need in a good Wellness platform. Once you've configured your plans and enrolled your patients, ezyVet will automatically track your patient's plan usage based on their invoiced items, updating their available benefits as they go. 



The Wellness Wizard is a new 'Reporting' tool that allows you to capture your monthly wellness subscription fees and renew memberships. Capture your monthly subscription fees easier with a PayJunction integration - charging straight to your client's stored cards in ezyVet or creating ACH payments.


Find out more on the Wellness Module here.


Price Adjustment Reasons

When an invoice line has been discounted, you can now click on the discount % to view the reason for the adjustment, or associate your own reason. Template your own adjustment reasons under Admin > Financial Settings > Price Adjustment Reasons



Price adjustment rules will also appear as a discount reason, and all discount reasons can be reported on using the invoice lines report.


If you are an existing ezyVet customer, click here to log in to your support portal to view the help documentation.  


Product Bundles - Packages (V22.5)

Packages allow you to group products and services together and have a fixed price for these items. For example, you may have a standard procedure in which you would include all pre and post medications and products used for the procedure on the invoice. With the package product on the invoice, any 'child' products of that package product will be discounted in order to maintain the fixed package price. 


The Package setting is found on the 'Product' set-up page, under the section 'Properties'. What used to be the 'Product Container' product property in ezyVet has now been replaced with a new setting called 'Bundle'. Under the bundle options, you have the option to select 'Container'*, 'Package' or 'No' bundle.



*All products previously marked as a product container will be marked as a container bundle.


If you are an existing ezyVet customer, click here to log in to your support portal to view the help documentation.  


Smart Flow Auto Check In / Out 

A new Smart Flow integration setting is here to automate more of your ezyVet-Smart Flow experience. The setting allows you to automatically send patients to Smart Flow based on your patient's appointment status. Set your appointment types and choose what statuses will check the patient in and out and you're good to go!





Cubex Updates (Product and User Mapping & Un-Sync From Consult)


Product and User Mapping 

When integrating between ezyVet and Cubex, you can now map Cubex products & users to ezyVet products & users for a more seamless integration. You can also choose to view products and users that are un-linked only to see what you need to map. These tools are found under Admin > Integration > Integrations > Cubex.



Un-sync Cubex from Consult

If you find yourself having to clear your Cubex worklist often, you may be relieved to hear you can now set an expiry (number of days) from when you send the patient across using the 'SEND TO CUBEX' button on the patient's clinical record. This setting is found on your Cubex integration set up page under admin.




Vet Rocket Modality Sharing

Sharing Vet Rocket modalities between hospitals/clinics is now easier with the advanced Vet Rocket configuration. 



The Advanced Config setting splits PACS, MWL (Modality Work List) and RIS (Radiology Interpretations) into three separate sections each requiring their own set of credentials provided by Vet Rocket. This allows clinics to share modalities and work lists, but it means that results are only sent to the site that requested the diagnostic. 


If you are an existing ezyVet customer, click here to log in to your support portal to view the help documentation.  


Financial Lockdown on Payments

You've long been able to lock down your financial records (invoices) based on a fixed date or rolling date, which makes your invoices un-editable moving forward. An extra setting has been added allowing you to tie down any allocated payments to these invoices. This means you can restrict the de-allocation of payments on any invoices prior to the financial lock down date. You are still able to apply payments to these invoices. 



These settings are found under Admin > Financial Settings > Financial Lockdown.


If you are an existing ezyVet customer, click here to log in to your support portal to view the help documentation. 


Version 22.6

Unmerge Tool 

Have you ever merged two records in ezyVet only to realize after that you merged the wrong records and there's no un-merge button? I'm sure many of us have been there. Well the good news... you can now un-merge any records!


All 'Merge' tabs across ezyVet now have a merge table showing all merge records (other records previously merged into the current record), making it easier to see what has been merged, and allowing you to open the merged record to then un-merge if necessary.



If you are an existing ezyVet customer, click here to log in to your support portal to view the help documentation. 


Cubex Updates (Handling un-allocated Cubex billing events)

When you find yourself having to dispense medication from Cubex in a rush (and so you haven't created a request in ezyVet), your billing events will still come back into ezyVet as unallocated events found on the Dispense Cabinet dashboard. From there you can allocate the event to the right patient, or create a new patient at the same time. You can also link the event to an existing consult, or create a new consult.


PayJunction Transaction List (US Only)

With the PayJunction integration, you can now view a transaction list available from the integration settings page (select Admin > Integration > Integrations > PayJunction > Transaction List). This tab lists all transactions relating to PayJunction, PayJunction ACH, and PayJunction Hosted Payments. You can also filter the list by status and by date.




Feature Request Forum Improvements

The feature request forum has been improved to make it easier for you to send us your great ideas. 


When submitting a new feature request, you will see a little description of the minimum requirements. Each text field also contains a default example of what to include and the '?' icon at the end of each field provides you with some more detail.


Screenshots are crucial to a good feature request, so adding a screenshot to your submission is now as easy as dragging and dropping into the attachment box. If you forget to submit your screenshot(s), you will also be presented with an error that says, 'You need to include at least one screenshot'.



To submit a feature request, head to Help > Feature Requests > Submit new feature request.


Other Smaller features:
  • Turn Contact Default Subscription Groups off for EU's GDPR Law. (V22.5)
  • Direct your communications to your patient's 'other interested contacts'. (V22.5)
  • Diagnostic Work-list Filters Added to the Records Dashboard. (V22.5)
  • Invoice Expense added to the Records Dashboard. (V22.5)
  • 'Number of animals/patients' filter added to the Master Problems record search on the Records Dashboard.
  • Contact DOB added as an option to contact profiles for Online Booking and Kiosk. (V22.6)


If you're an existing ezyVet customer and would like to enrich your ezyVet knowledge, reserve a seat at our next live webinar series, hosted by our product experts! 


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