Product Update: February 2020

Feb 28, 2020 | Veterinary Practice Management, ezyVet Features | 0 Comments

February product releases (1)

We've always prided ourselves on moving fast and constantly innovating. So, we're now scheduling our product releases at a much more regular cadence (every two weeks). We're excited to offer our customers the latest updates more often.


As we roll out product updates like clockwork, we'll be keeping you up to date in these monthly wrap ups. As always, we're working hard to fulfill your product needs.


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Feature Request

Days Supply

It is mandatory for some licensed pharmacies to set a Days Supply value for an order of controlled substances (such as a medication). The Days Supply value is the number of days that a dispensed medication will last as specified in its dosing instructions. You can set a Days Supply value when you make a medication prescription. Learn more.


Invoice Lines report

The Invoice Lines report shows you details per expense item, while the Invoice Revenue by Groups is based on the total invoice. For example, it allows you to see exactly what is being discounted and why. You can now display the consult number of the patient that is related to the invoice and the ID number of the consult in the database. These changes make it easier to know the relation between invoice lines and an applicable consult. Learn more.



What’s New

Controlled substances regulatory codes
If it is necessary for your organization to give reports to controlled substances agencies, you can use ezyVet to record the applicable regulatory code types. ezyVet has a set of example code types, and you can also use codes that are applicable to your jurisdiction. Learn more.


New property types for products
ezyVet has a set of new product property types, such as concentration and dosage calculation method. You can access the new properties in the Advanced tab of a product. You can also set these properties for many products at the same time. You cannot enter custom values for the properties at this time. ezyVet will add this function in a future update. Learn more.


Custom credit limits
ezyVet lets you set custom credit limits for your clients. You can make many custom credit limits, and each limit can have different settings. ezyVet uses the credit limits to automatically stop invoice approvals if the client has no remaining credit. A credit limit is very useful for organizations that use a monthly payment system for customers and can prevent the risk of bad debts and financial problems for your veterinary practice. Learn more.


Tax-inclusive wellness variables
Two new wellness variables for subscription fees and enrollment fees have been added – WellnessPlanSubscriptionFeeIncTax and WellnessPlanEnrollmentFeeIncTax. These variables include tax. Learn more.


Custom appointment statuses
We’ve improved the customization of appointment statuses, so it is now easy to configure appointment statuses that are unique to your veterinary practice. You can add a descriptive name to a custom status, and you can select a custom icon for the custom status. You can also disable the built-in appointment statuses that you do not use. Learn more.




Client estimates show a deposit column
If it is necessary for a client to pay a deposit for a procedure, ezyVet shows the quantity in the new Deposit column. The column is in client estimates for contact records, patient records, and clinical records. Learn more.


Automatic billing trigger selection
When you add a billing trigger to a procedure in a clinical record, ezyVet automatically selects the new trigger. This decreases the steps necessary to enter billing trigger information. Learn more.


Accepting insurance claims

ezyVet makes sure that staff can now only accept insurance claims if they are signed into the business unit where the claim was initially made. 


Multiple tabs open

If you open a tab in ezyVet, then paste the link to a record into the browser address box, ezyVet keeps the initial tab open. This makes it easier to access and compare record information. 

Contact Code value

ezyVet lets you import and export a contact’s Code value. The value shows as Contact Code in the applicable CSV file.