Product Update: Version 23.0

Jul 01, 2019 | ezyVet Features | 0 Comments


Check out what's new and what's been improved in Version 23.0! 
Including new default icons for deceased patients, postcard communication method, new health status template variables, and more.

What's New


New Default Icons for Deceased Patients
In efforts to be more inclusive of our diverse user base, you can now choose the default icon for deceased patients from a list of 6 options. These settings are found under ADMIN > Settings > Advanced > Misc.


Postcard Communication Method 
ezyVet has a new communication method: Postcard!
While there are no Postcard integrations just yet, the foundations have been laid down so that you can create postcard templates in Admin, and create postcard communications for your contacts.

Although integration with an external party is yet to come, you can still utilize the new Postcard communication method - export all of your postcard communications using the Records dashboard, export the list, and send to an external party to print. This will allow you to keep track of all Postcard communications.

New Health Status Template Variables
There is now a template variable available for every health status field: 

The following variables have been added:

  • Health Note: {AnimalHealthNote} 
  • Left Ovary Size: {AnimalLeftOvarySize} 
  • Left Ovary Stage: {AnimalLeftOvaryStage} 
  • Right Ovary Size: {AnimalRightOvarySize} 
  • Right Ovary Stage: {AnimalRightOvaryStage} 
  • Uterin Tone: {AnimalUterinTone} 
  • Cervix Tone: {AnimalCervixTone} 
  • Uterin Edema: {AnimalUterinEdema} 
  • Uterin Fluid: {AnimalUterinFluid} 
  • Uterin Cyst: {AnimalUterinCyst} 
  • Uterin Cytology: {AnimalUterinCytology} 
  • Cervix Cytology: {AnimalCervixCytology} 
  • Pregnant: {AnimalPregnant} 
  • Pulse Quality: {AnimalPulseQuality} 
  • Respiratory Effort: {AnimalRespiratoryEffort}

Please see the template variable page for more detail on the variables.




Restrict Payment Methods to Departments & Business Units
On all Payment Methods (found under ADMIN > Financial > Payment Methods), you can now 'Limit Access by Department'. When enabled, you will be able to select all departments (or business units, if applicable) the payment method should be restricted to. When the toggle button is set to 'No', the payment method will be available to all departments/business units.


Inventory Transfers
Inventory Transfer lines only showed Destination information, now it shows both source and destination information. This has been achieved with new columns: 'Source product location', 'Source - In Inventory', 'Source - Available', and renaming existing columns: Product Location --> Destination Product Location, In Inventory --> Destination - In Inventory, Available --> Destination - Available.  


Changes to Animal CSV Importer
A previous issue where an animal marked on the CSV as Female Spayed or Male Neutered was being incorrectly imported as Unknown has been fixed to upload the correct sex. The column on the CSV 'Animal Desexed' has been removed as the 'Animal Sex' column will now correctly handle all variations. 


Changes to the Invoice Lines report

  • Two columns renamed; 'GST' is now called 'Tax per Qty', and 'Total' is now called 'Total Invoiced (Incl)'.
  • Two columns added; 'Total Invoiced (excl)' and 'Total Tax Amount'.




Asteris Keystone: Image Thumbnails for Series
When a study/exam is pulled in to ezyVet, only one thumbnail for each series (a group of images) will appear under the diagnostic result, rather than showing every single image in a study.