Product Update: Version 23.1

Jul 29, 2019 | ezyVet Features | 0 Comments



Check out what's new and what's been improved in Version 23.1! 
Including the ability to view patient age in weeks, the 'take photo' option from an iPad or mobile device, and more.


What's New


View Patient Age in Weeks        

While the patient is less than 4 months old, you have the ability to choose whether you would like to view the age in weeks or months on the patient record.
You can find the relevant setting under ADMIN > Settings > Clinical > 'Display Animal Age in Weeks'.


When the setting is enabled (Yes), the age on the patient record will show in the format 'x weeks, x days' until the patient is 4 months or older, where the format will be 'x months, x days'.



Settings to Access Entity & Location

In order to access your database (entity) and location settings more easily, extra tabs for each have been added under Admin > Settings. There is now a Database tab which will list the entity and entity settings, and a Location tab which lists all locations and location settings.

Note: the Departments tab as per the screenshot above is only visible on department separated sites (will not appear for single sites).


New Records Dashboard Filter: Search Patients with Active Wellness Plan Membership

You can now filter using the Records dashboard to pull all animals/patients with an active wellness plan, as well as search for patients on a specific membership plan.

Under the Record Type 'Animal' (or 'Patient'), there is a new filter under 'All' or 'Any' called 'Wellness Plan Membership'. When selected, you can choose to filter based on Active, Inactive, or all, and you can select a particular membership plan (leave blank to pull all).


'Take Photo' Option on Patient and Clinical Record

On an iPad or mobile device (with access to a camera), you can now take photos using the camera button, which will upload straight into ezyVet:

1. Use the image uploader (on both the patient and clinical record) to take a patient's main image 
2. Go to the clinical record attachments tab and click 'browse' to take pictures and upload as attachments to the record.


Google Maps API Daily Limit Alerts

In Version 22.7 we introduced the Google Maps API integration, enabling you to continue using address auto-completion and inbuilt Google Maps on ezyVet. The Google Maps API powers the address search functionality on a contact tab, as well as address auto-completion for your clients when entering their address into the kiosk or online booking portal. Without this integration, you are limited to a recommended 50 address searches per day.

You will now receive a daily limit alert when you have exceeded the recommended number of daily address searches (50 address searches). If you receive these notifications frequently, we recommend getting set up with the Google Maps API integration - allowing each site to take advantage of the free, monthly $200 billing credit for address look-ups. This will allow a daily limit to a recommended 10,000 address searches per day. 


Medication Dispense vs. Invoice Date

In order to track the medication dispense date accurately (if different to the invoice date), a new variable has been created - {MedicationLastDispenseDate}.

A new column called 'Last Date Dispensed' has also been added to the medication table (found on the patient record, clinical record, and the medication dashboard). This column is disabled by default. To enable this column, click the pencil icon to edit the table columns and tick Last Date Dispensed.

Note: The existing variable {MedicationDate} pulls the date the medication was invoiced.





Automated Reporting - Monthly Report Dates Auto-update

When an automated report is set to repeat every month, the report run dates under Base Options now automatically update to the next period.

E.g. When the report is set to repeat every 1 month, the Dates(inclusive) under Base Options will update from 1/1/19 - 1/31/19 when run in January, to 2/1/19 - 2/28/19 when run in February.

Customer Portal & Kiosk - Search by Secondary Contact

When a customer creates a new online account through the Customer Portal or searches for a contact on the Kiosk, the customer can search by the secondary contact and it will match to an existing record if available.




  • Inactive search filters added to Inventory Adjustments, Recurring Invoices, and Inventory Orders on the Financial tab, enabling you to search inactive records.
  • Inventory Transfers now includes Cost and Sell Price columns. These prices are pulled from the active division.
  • The 'Invoice Date' has been added as a column to the Invoice Lines report.