Product Update: Version 23.3

Nov 21, 2019 | ezyVet Features | 0 Comments


Check out what's new and what's been improved in Version 23.3! 
Including new Wellness variables, prescription improvements, and more...


What's New


New Template Variable for Wellness Plan Monthly Fees

A new template variable {WellnessPlanMonthlyFee} has been added which indicates the total monthly fee including subscription & selected optional benefits. This variable can be used on wellness plan contracts to reflect the true monthly fee. 


'Prescription Number' Filter Added to Medication Dashboard

A new filter added to the Medication dashboard allows you to filter based on the prescription number (Rx #). 


The prescription number can be found on the prescription record: 





Prescription Requests now Link to the Clinical Record

When you 'create a prescription request' from a clinical record, the prescription request record now links to the associated clinical record.


'Revisit' Added as a Clinical Field Option on Shorthand Text Templates

When setting which clinical fields your shorthand text should appear in, you can now select 'Revisit' as an option.


Add and Remove Invoices on an Insurance eClaim (AU & UK)

If using an insurance integration (PetSure or VetEnvoy), you can now add and remove invoices within the eClaim, before the claim is submitted (invoices on a claim cannot be edited once the claim has been submitted). This is useful when a clinical record has more than one associated invoice.


Using the VetEnvoy integration (UK), you can also remove invoice line items in order to provide more control over what is claimed for. Please note however, that an invoice can only appear once on a claim that has been sent to the insurer.