Product Update: Version 23.4

Dec 23, 2019 | ezyVet Features | 0 Comments

Version 23.4 hero image


Check out what's new and what's been improved in Version 23.3! 
Including new keyboard shortcuts, improved UI, improved appointment cancellation behavior, and more...


What's New


New shortcuts to save records

You can now use the following keyboard shortcuts to quickly save records:




Ctrl+Enter (Microsoft Windows)
Ctrl+Return (Apple Mac)

Saves the current record, but keeps the record open.

Ctrl+Shift+Enter (Microsoft Windows)
Ctrl+Shift+Return (Apple Mac)

Saves and closes the current record.


Note: You can use these keyboard shortcuts in ezyVet’s tabs only. You cannot use the shortcuts in a dialog box.


Select an appointment address when you make an appointment

ezyVet version 23.4 lets you select an appointment address when you make an appointment. The appointment address can contain a distance value. ezyVet uses the distance value to automatically calculate travel billing. These new features help veterinary practice staff plan their travel and record travel costs. 





Improved control of role permissions

ezyVet now has four settings for role permissions:

  • Add/Edit/Disable Roles
  • Add/Edit/Disable Key Roles
  • Assign Roles
  • Assign Key Roles

These settings give improved control over who can make, edit, and disable roles, and who can give existing roles to other staff.


Previous versions:

Version 23.4:


Calendar formatting and usability improvements

ezyVet's calendar now always shows the date below the person or resource that the calendar is related to. This makes sure that you can always see the date between different calendar views. ezyVet also now hides the calendar time zone.


Previous versions:


Version 23.4:


ezyVet now puts advanced calendar settings in the Calendar gear icon icon. Select it to show and hide the settings. 

These changes make the calendar interface cleaner and easier to use (especially on tablets).


Improved dispense medication behavior

When you request a medication dispense, ezyVet now automatically selects the Dispense Instructions box.


Animation showing the dispense instructions box


Automatic selection of list box search results

If you enter search text in a list box and ezyVet finds a full match, it will automatically select the match. This decreases the number of steps necessary to find and select information such as clinical note templates and appointment types.


Previous versions:

Version 23.4


Improved appointment cancellation behavior

ezyVet now has improved appointment cancellation behavior. When you cancel an appointment that is the only appointment related to a clinical record, ezyVet automatically disables the clinical record if it is empty. ezyVet will do this even if you do not have the Disable/Restore permission for clinical records.


Improved barcode scanning behavior

ezyVet has improved barcode scanning behavior for vaccinations. When you select a vaccination product, ezyVet will now automatically select the Qty box. This decreases the number of steps necessary to scan vaccination products.


Improved data input behavior after you select a clinical template

After you select a clinical template, ezyVet now automatically selects the applicable data input box. This lets you immediately use the Tab key to quickly select pick-list variables and enter data.


Active data input boxes are easier to see

ezyVet now makes it easier to see which data input box you have selected. When you select a data input box, ezyVet shows a blue border around the box. 


Previous versions:

Version 23.4


Tab names are easier to see

When a window has many tabs, ezyVet shows each full tab name correctly.


Previous versions: 

Version 23.4:

This lets you quickly and easily select and applicable tab.


Automatically print many labels for a product invoice

ezyVet version 23.4 can automatically print many labels at the same time for a product invoice. This is useful for large animal clinics that sell a product packaged as a set of boxes.




Other Improvements

  • Improved user interface for the Pain ScoreBCS, and Dental Score data input boxes