Unleash 2019: PetSure's 10 Minute Insurance Claim

PetSure talks about the evolution of claims, and introduces GapOnly
Mar 15, 2019 | Unleash | 0 Comments


Magdoline Awad, or Mags for short, is the Chief Veterinary Officer at PetSure, and former Chief Veterinarian of RSPCA NSW. She is a passionate advocate for the welfare of animals and has two pets of her own. She opens the PetSure Breakout Session at Unleash with the story of one of her kelpie dogs, demonstrating just how essential pet insurance has been when faced with two unexpected and expensive emergency treatments.


Mags then went on to share her industry knowledge with a discussion on trends such as the humanization of pets - the ‘rise of the fur baby’, the ethical dilemmas regarding euthanasia, and the essential role pet insurance plays in welfare of animals.


While a passionate advocate for the welfare of animals, Mags raised the not so commonly discussed point that pet insurance also supports better welfare of vets themselves, so that they’re not faced with the difficult financial conversations or situations where they may compromise in order to treat their patient.


The claims evolution

Alex Hawker, VetHub Platform Manager at PetSure, takes the stage to talk about the PetSure claims evolution and to demonstrate eClaims and GapOnly.


Starting in 2002 with paper & post, these claims took on average 100 hours to process (he jokes about the days where they would weigh the bag of insurance claims each day to see how busy the day was going to be).


The introduction of electronic claims, submitted by customers via their online portal, arrived in April 2015, shortly followed with eClaims in May 2016, which enabled vets to submit their clients claims via their practice management systems. The ezyVet insurance integration became live in November 2017 and there are now almost 800 vet practices in Australia who are submitting eClaims for their insured customers. Introducing electronic claiming has seem the claim processing time reduce significantly from 100 hours down to 10!



Alex then introduces PetSure’s most recent product, GapOnly. Another huge game changer, reducing the time it takes to process a claim down to under 10 minutes.


They don’t plan to settle for 10 minutes either. With a little help from AI, they aim to reduce claim processing time down to 10 seconds.


Introducing GapOnly: the 10-minute claim

Earlier this year, PetSure introduced GapOnly claims to the Australian market, trialing the product with some early adopters.


GapOnly is the newest and fastest way to process an insurance claim, taking 10 minutes at most to process.


In the same way we pay for our own health insurance when visiting a doctor, GapOnly:

  • Processes the claim on the spot
  • Removes the need for any paperwork
  • Lets customers only pay the gap

Once you submit a GapOnly claim, you only need to wait 10 minutes for the benefit outcome to appear in ezyVet, and the customer is only required to pay the remaining amount, or the ‘gap’.


You can then provide payment confirmation to their insurer in ezyVet and notify the customer before they leave that they will shortly receive the benefit summary from their insurer.


You’ll then receive the remaining invoice amount as a reimbursement from their insurer the next business day.


Pets covered by Woolworths, BWM (Bow-Wow Meow), and Petinsurance.com.au are currently eligible for GapOnly claims.


How GapOnly helps Vets

  • It provides a better experience for your customers, increasing loyalty and retention
  • It’s simple and automated, with reimbursements processed within 24 hours and no additional transactions fees
  • It’s processing speed gives you more time back to spend with your patients and less on insurance claim paperwork

Gold Coast Vet Surgery

“[GapOnly] is taking our Customer Service offering to another level and really helps clients to see the immediate value in their pet insurance.


Whilst pet insurance in general reduces financial barriers to proceeding with costly tests or procedures, GapOnly has taken this a step further and reduces the client's financial concerns even more by eliminating the need to pay a lump sum up front.


Clients love the fact that whether using eClaims or GapOnly, we just take the whole responsibility for dealing with the claim off their hands. They cannot believe how simple it is."


If you’re interested in becoming an early adopter of GapOnly claims, or you simply want more information, you can email alexh@petsure.com.au.


Please note: PetSure GapOnly is only available in Australia.