ezyVet Unleash with Casey Fiorenza

Casey Fiorenza from Midwest Vets in Australia talks about her ezyVet Unleash experience.
May 31, 2019 | | 0 Comments


Casey Fiorenza

Having heard of ezyVet's great customer service and varying integrations, Midwest Veterinary Centre in Western Australia implemented ezyVet in early 2016. 


Casey Fiorenza is the Practice Manager of Midwest Vets, an Extreme Cat Enthusiast, and a self-proclaimed 'ezyVet nerd'. She is the go-to person at her clinic each time there is a version update of the software, and it's her responsibility to go over the features, create or adjust in-clinic protocols as required, and provide team training.


We were lucky enough to have Casey join us at ezyVet Unleash 2019 for an awesome three days in Queenstown, NZ.


What was your favourite part of Unleash 2019?

My favourite part was experiencing the culture that the ezyVet staff have and feeling like we were all a part of the team. The staff all were welcoming and willing to help with any questions, and full of tips & tricks to make ezyVet even more tailored to how my practice wants. Not once did I feel uncomfortable asking for advice or clarification or making general conversation over a meal.


I was also pretty stoked that a feature request I suggested during the conference was chosen to be implemented and was functioning by the last day of conference!


If there was one thing you took away from Unleash, what would it be?

Dr Paul Wood was one of the best motivational speakers I've had the pleasure of listening to. His story was moving and gave me a lot to think about in regard to overcoming hurdles and mental barriers no matter how big or small. It was well timed as I had signed up for the Kawarau 43m Bungy Jump later that afternoon with the Unleash crew, which is completely out of character for me! 



What learnings from Unleash have you implemented at Midwest Vets?

Price Adjustments and Automated discounts was a function we hadn't been using as we weren't aware it existed. It's personally saved me so much time now that I don't have to manually apply staff and other discounts to invoices. We're also using the advanced tab on products a lot better, including having label instruction templates on almost all medications with the #INPUT# function. We're using tagging tasks much more effectively for marketing and automated discounts. We are a mixed practice and can see the potential benefits [of ezyVet Go] for our equine/farm team.


What has your ezyVet journey been like?

We had a great implementation with Sophie and would have loved to have kept her longer if we could have! As with any change, getting the existing team on board with a new software had its hurdles. Thankfully the support staff at ezyVet were always just a call away and were very patient whilst we were finding our feet. As our clinic has grown, ezyVet has grown with us and we're always learning new ways of being more efficient with the continuing software development.


Do you have any advice for new practices joining the ezyVet family?

Don't overthink it. ezyVet has so many different functions, features and customization that it can be quite overwhelming at first. Plan to implement some features or procedures later if that helps to alleviate some pressure. If you can, delegate a clinic ezyVet 'Champion' or 'Nerd'.


What's something memorable that has happened at Midwest Vets recently?

I'm reminded almost every day why I love the people I work with, but [recently] the squad went above and beyond as patient advocates. Due to multiple walk in emergencies as well as having an already over-booked surgery schedule, our standard day caseload had tripled instantly and was outside of our capacity. The team rallied together and made it work without having to send any patients to another practice, without compromising patient care, and whilst keeping their cool under the pressure. It was magic to see them excel and work with such synergy! 


Weren't able to make it to Unleash 2019? More information on Unleash 2020 coming soon - we'd love to see you there!