ezyVet Unleash with Joel Joseph

"There are so many aspects of the ezyVet program, I am amazed - but no longer afraid of them."
Jun 26, 2019 | Unleash | 0 Comments


Joel Joseph Wise Owl


Joel Joseph, founder, and Vet at Wise Owl Animal Hospital in Guam (U.S. island territory in Micronesia, in the Western Pacific), journeyed to Queenstown, New Zealand for an unforgettable 3 days at ezyVet Unleash 2019.


Having been using ezyVet for 2 years, Joel says he found himself to be slower to pick things up during the initial stages, but since Unleash 2019, he has gained a lot more confidence in his own ability to really utilize and implement the features of the software.


"There are so many aspects of the ezyVet program, I am amazed - but no longer afraid of them."



What was your favorite part of Unleash 2019?

This was a tie was between the interactions with the other participants - specifically outside class times, and the inspirational talk by Dr. Paul Wood who spent time in jail prior to advancing in his life.


The lunches and dinners with the other participants spark conversations... It is in these intercourse's that some of the best gems of practice are acquired. The participants at unleash 2019 were of such a fantastic caliber that listening and questioning their experiences has elevated my skills and knowledge.


The Inspirational talk also motivated me immediately and personally.  I carried those new ideas in my head and heart throughout the conference. After the conference I started initiating personal improvements with the knowledge that though I may (OK will) fail, it is only taking a step back and I will not fail to move forward as I keep the goals in front of me.


Afternoon session-61


If there was one thing you took away from Unleash, what would it be? 

I always considered myself a computer abuser, as opposed to a user.  I discovered at Unleash 2019 that computer work is within my abilities, and I have a great support team behind me to make sure my abilities improve with minimal frustration.




What are some things you have been able to implement into your practice since Unleash?

Tags, tags, tags (haha), integrated diagnostics, Asteris integration, improved workflow (resulting in happier nurses), and corrections and alterations of numerous small irritating items that we just simply did not set up in an optimal state.


The list continues to get smaller and our abilities to fix them without help is rapidly improving.


What would you say to someone interested in attending Unleash for the first time?

Stop procrastinating. Sign up, get yourself properly educated, and enjoy the conference, as you will not regret it.


What's something memorable that has happened at the clinic recently?

Recently, we were referred Coco Bean, a heart failure case in a 13 yr old Dane-mix. The referral was from the military base, and since we are on a small Pacific island, our clinic is the de facto specialty care facility. Coco presented with heart failure, severely cyanotic and renal failure (BUN, PO4, etc off the scale, Creat 25). The owner simply wanted us to keep Coco Bean alive until her husband could return from off island in a week or so, as he had raised Coco Bean from a small pup. They understood that it was highly unlikely that Coco Bean would live long enough for the husband to return, as Coco Bean had to be kept in an Oxygen cage to keep Coco alive. We consulted with Cardiologists, Internal medicine specialists, Radiologists, and a few other veterinarians that graciously assisted us with ideas, therapies, and potential problems. I actually slept outside Coco Beans cage for 2 nights in order to monitor and give treatments around the clock.


Coco Bean came out of the oxygen cage on day 4. On day 7 Coco Bean went home. On day 13 Coco Bean passed away as he slept in between his owners.  


The owners were unconcerned about the bill, grateful that they could spend Coco Bean’s last days with him, and ecstatic that Coco Bean passed away painlessly at home.😇


The clients attitudes and pragmatism was only exceeded by Coco Beans wonderful personality. In 30+ years I have never has such a completely wonderful case.🤗



Keep your eyes peeled for more info coming soon on Unleash 2020! As Joel says, you will not regret it!