Why Specialty Clinic, Eye Clinic for Animals, is Attending ezyVet Unleash

Feb 20, 2019 | Unleash | 0 Comments


In less than 14 days, we’ll be hosting our first annual user conference ezyVet Unleash, where we will be expecting clinics from all over the world ranging from small animal general practices to specialty clinics (and more)! One such specialist ophthalmology clinic, Eye Clinic for Animals, is set to travel to Queenstown from NSW, Australia. We interviewed Julie Balmer, practice manager at Eye Clinic for Animals, to see why she has decided to attend, what she wants to get out of it, and what her journey with ezyVet has been like so far. 


How long have you been using ezyVet?

I've only been using the system since I joined Eye Clinic for Animals (ECA) in October 2018, so relatively limited usage.


What has your experience been like to date?

I've mostly used ezyVet to generate referring vet and client data reports including email for direct touch communications, however I am looking to expand my understanding of the system and usage in the coming months.


What do you like most about the system?

Being a cloud based platform is ideal for our business from a data/IT perspective and it's quite a comprehensive 'one stop shop' site, which greatly reduces the amount of time spent having to log into different websites/platforms for information.


Why did you decide to come to Unleash? Was it the networking opportunities, are you looking to up-skill your ezyVet knowledge and education, are you looking forward to learning from and meeting other ezyVet users?

I started with ECA mid-October, so the Unleash Conference is an ideal opportunity for me to learn key functionality of the ezyVet system for my role. This will primarily be a learning exercise having been on board for a short time, but I'm looking forward to being hands on and hearing insights from other ezyVet users and the ezyVet gurus. I'm particularly interested in the 'Reporting' capabilities.


What are you expecting to get out of Unleash?

I'm expecting to walk away a super ezyVet user - sorry is that too soon? (We’ll make you a super user in no time Julie!) If I return to the practice with an enhanced knowledge of the system so I can deliver on key reporting objectives and other expectations from ECA management, then I'll be a very happy girl. Of course, having fun along the way never goes astray!




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